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Cycling Overview

Our cycling packages range from day trips to week long tours across various parts of Tanzania's Northern
Circuit covering a wide range of terrains. From lush, green forests to dry bush lands, remote villages to
bustling towns and from lakeside shores to plantations. Let the cold, moist wind blow against your face
as you cycle down the slopes of Kilimanjaro and experience the daytime heat as you cut across the dry,
dusty acacia woodlands. Visit Chagga and Maasai villages, experience the locals' ways of life and
immerse yourself in their culture. Our itineraries are flexible and tailor-made to suite your needs. You
can also suggest places of interest and we plan out itineraries that suit their interests. Let us take you on
an unforgettable journey as you experience Tanzania on two wheels.


Kikuletwa Hotsprings gets its name from the water that bubbles in underground caves.
Surrounded by fig trees, this area is a hidden gem in the midst of a semi-arid landscape.
Here you may find a diversity of colorful birds amongst an abundance of plant life and
neighboring indigenous tribes. There is also an option to camp overnight and hike.
Total distance:22km
Path:dirt road
Highlights: swimming, cultural tour

We’ll pick you up from your hotel in the morning for the long ride to the Chemka Hot Springs. The road is bumpy and windy, so hang on! During the ride, don’t forget to enjoy the wonderful scenery and authentic Tanzanian life as it unfolds along the road.

When we arrive, you’re free to be you. Linger at the edge of the springs, taking in the blue, blue waters and the lush green of the surrounding forest. Take a leisurely swim (don’t forget that the water is not truly warm, so you won’t feel like an Olympic sprint) or float in a world that’s all your own, listening to the water lapping and the birds overhead but rather refreshing since the water source is from the Kilimanjaro mountain itself.. If you’re feeling adventurous, why not play on the rope swing? Playing isn’t just for kids!

The pond can be very deep, in some places up to 8 meters, but the water is so clear that you can see right to the bottom. Eat your lunch in the shade of the trees or, find a hot spot all your own. You’ve plenty of time to spot the wildlife that also enjoy the Chemka Hot Springs.

Kilimanjaro Shira Plateau Day Trip

This is an ideal trip for mountain bikers looking for a challenge or any avid cyclists wishing to cycle on
Mt. Kilimanjaro. Primates can be seen while cycling through the forest zone and larger game animals can
be seen on the heath and moorland zone. On a clear day, you will witness breathtaking views of Kibo
peak as you cycle towards the helipad.
Tour Summary:
Duration: 7 – 9 hrs
Difficulty: Difficult
Path: Dirt & Gravel Road
Total Distance: 47km
Highlights: Amazing Scenery, cycling on Mt. Kilimanjaro, some wildlife can be seen.

At 0700hrs you will be transferred from your hotel in Moshi to the Londorossi Gate on the western side
of Mt. Kilimanjaro where your tour begins. First, you will cycle through the forest zone followed by the
heather and moorland zone as you head towards the helipad on the Shira Plateau. You will then turn

back and enjoy a relaxing downhill ride back to Londorossi Gate where your tour ends. You will then be
picked up and transferred back to your hotel in Moshi.

***End of Tour***

1 PAX $360
2 TO 4 PAX $290
5 TO 9 PAX $250
10 & ABOVE PAX $230
TREK Mountain Hardtail 4300 & Merida Matts 20-D Hardtail Mountain Bikes
Park and cycling fees
Support Vehicle(s)
English speaking guide
Packed lunch
Bottled mineral water
Tips to the guide and support crew
Pre and post tour accommodation in Moshi or Arusha

At 0700hrs you will be transferred from your hotel in Moshi to Simba Farm where you will start your bike tour. Your cycle today starts with a downhill slope through the farm as you head toward the main rough road. You follow the main rough road through the Ngare Nairobi village and cycle along the Ndarakwai Conservancy border towards the West Kilimanjaro airstrip. You then follow the main dirt road towards the Tinga Tinga village. You will then proceed south towards the Ngabobo Village cycling through the dry and arid open grasslands, an environment completely different from the lush, green slopes of Mt. Kilimanjaro which you have left behind. Wildlife such as wildebeest, giraffes, zebra and elands can be seen on this section of the ride. The final part of the path is a gradual ascent on a gravel road as you cycle through the Ngabobo Village towards the Maasai Lodge where the tour ends. You will then be transferred back to your hotel.

Cycle to Lake Chala “the hidden gem”.

Cycle through the slopes of Mt. Kilimanjaro and witness the day to day lives of the Chagga people who
inhabit these areas. The hilly terrain makes it a challenging ride as you pass the Kidia, Marangu and
Mwika villages but then you finish off with a relaxing downhill ride to the beautiful Lake Chala, a caldera
lake on the edge of the border.
Tour Summary:
Duration: 6 –8 hrs
Difficulty: Moderate
Path: Tarmac and dirt Road
Highlights: a Visit to Lake Chala, cycle through Chagga villages

Day 1: Arrive in Tanzania

Road Surface: Tarmac, dirt and gravel road
Accommodation: Camping at Sinya
Meals: Lunch included
Distance: 56km
You will be picked up at the Kilimanjaro International Airport (JRO) and transferred to Hotel near Moshi town situated on the foot of Mt. Kilimanjaro. Today you will meet your guide who will brief you about your upcoming tour and together you will do the bike fitting. For those arriving on the morning or afternoon flight, you will have ample time to go for a quick test ride through moshi town or Forest .

Day 2: Moshi to Lake Challa.

Lake Challa, a hidden gem, a perfect place to relax and unwind from the busy city life. The remote caldera lake on the border of Tanzania & Kenya is only 55km from Moshi and therefore the perfect get away for a day. Pure tranquility and beautiful nature await you at the lake. Explore the area on one of the many possible hikes, swim in the crystal clear water, kayak across borders or simply enjoy the stunning vistas of an untouched Africa. In the morning your guide will pick you up from your accommodation. You will ride the bicycle to Lake Challa Safari Camp with a packed lunch box and drinking water. Upon arrival you will see the beautiful private game reserve overlooking the crater lake. Our guide will take you down to the lake. Spend the day swimming, exploring, kayaking (optional). You will experience the natural beauties of the green scenery, landscape and will also have the opportunity to meet local people doing their daily activity. There is a very high possibility of spotting the baboon monkey, velvet monkey, blue monkey, and many different birds, that live in this wonderful savannah land. overnight in camping site. There is a bar that serves alcoholic and nonalcoholic beverages and a restaurant that serves snacks and main meals.

Day 3: Lake Challa to Marangu gate

Distance: 24km
Immerse yourself in the history Marangu and its people. Marangu, at the lower slopes of Kilimanjaro, is a small town with a great amount of history and ancient traditions. Get carried away by the Chagga tribe, unique rainforest landscape and coffee growing insides. This tour has it all: action, tradition and culinary. In the morning we ride our bicycle to Marangu Gate (1900m), the starting point for all Kilimanjaro treks via the Marangu Route. You will have the opportunity to take pictures of the mighty Kilimanjaro and get a sense of the spirit of the mountain. The area around Marangu is home to the local Chagga tribe and you will learn all about their history and traditions on this full day excursion. Our second stop will be visit a small coffee farm, where you will learn about how the coffee is grown, harvested and processed locally. Try your own hand at processing, roasting and preparing a fresh cup of coffee. Once you have finished enjoying your coffee break, we will depart for the Ndoro Waterfalls. Our hike to the base of the waterfall will lead us through lush green landscape and the descend takes approximately 1 hour. Here you have the opportunity to relax and take a refreshing bath in the pool of the waterfall. Another highlight will be the visit to the Chagga Underground Caves and the Chagga Live Museum. In times of drought the Maasai migrated up the lower slopes of Kilimanjaro, in search of food and water. They enslaved and killed the local Chagga people. In defense of these attacks the Chagga built an extensive network of underground caves. Your guide will lively illustrate you the conflict while you visit the caves. We then continue to spend some time at the Chagga Live Museum, a small outdoor museum, which will give you further insides into traditional chagga life. Our tour also includes a chagga culinary taste, when we stop for lunch in a small restaurant. Here you will be served a traditional hot meal, later you will also have the chance to try the local spirits such as banana beer and wine. Camping at Marangu Hotel

Day 4: Marangu to Moshi

In the morning will make our way back to Moshi, passing through the different villages at the slopes of Mount Kilimanjaro.

Materuni Cycling Day Trip

This ride takes you through some fascinating Chagga villages materuni that surround the slopes of Mt.
Kilimanjaro and rich in waterfalls, banana & coffee farms. You will see how the local people can manage
their small piece of land to produce food for their families all year round through mixed farming, visiting
the materuni waterfalls and combine with coffee tour for a great day out.
Tour Summary:
Duration: One day
Total Distance: 14km (uphill)
Difficulty: Moderate
Path: Tarmac and paved Road
Total Distance: 39km
Highlights: Cycle through Chagga villages,Hiking to the waterfalls,Swimming, Coffee & banana fields,
and experience the ways of life of the Chagga people.

At 900hrs. We will ride up on to the slopes of Kilimanjaro, to the village of Materuni, approximately 1,600m above sea level. This lush rainforest region is known for producing some of the best coffee in East Africa. Start the day with a visit to a small coffee farm and learn about how the coffee is grown, harvested and processed locally. Try your own hand at processing, roasting and preparing a fresh cup of coffee in the local Chagga way. Once you have finished enjoying your coffee break while getting the history of Chagga people

After Lunch we will hike to the beautiful waterfalls on Uru village where you can swim, On the way you will enjoy the view of Mount kilimanjaro and testing a chagga local brew known as BANANA BEER


Watch out for colobus monkeys in the tree crowns with their long fluffy tail.

Ride through rice fields, spot Colobus monkeys in Rau forest and arrive at an old railway station stuck in time.


# of Days: 1
Total Distance: 
Off road & paved
Cycling through sugar cane plantation ,Beautiful scenery, Cycling through Rice fields, Ride in the forest, Colobus monkeys can be seen, Visiting the old railway station

At 900hrs..We will ride through the TPC sugar cane plantation area with its small farms and houses. You’ll cycle through Sugar cane plantation, mosques and churches. Your journey takes you to the nearby rice fields, where you’ll make a stop and if you wish can lend a helping hand to the field workers. Afterwards you will have a better understanding how much hard work goes into one sack of rice. You continue the bike ride through the Rau Forest, a natural beauty just behind the city of Moshi. Watch out for Colobus monkeys in the tree crowns with their long fluffy tails. As you cycle through this never-ending jungle, listen carefully to the animal sounds.

Our last stop of the day is at the old railway station, remains from the German colonial time. You will feel like you are on 1900s film set and can still sense the bustling energy this magical place used to have roughly hundred years ago. With a little bit of luck, you have the best view on Kilimanjaro while sipping a cold Kilimanjaro beer from the rail station bar, reflecting on today’s incredible adventure. Our guide will take you back to your accommodation, where you can stretch your legs and arms after a day on Tanzania’s rough roads.